5 Tips to win the youth over for Brand Managers


02 Oct 5 Tips to win the youth over for Brand Managers

If you’re over the age of 25, you’ll be able to reminisce how easy it must have been to be the Brand Manager for Citi Golf. That’s because every adolescent who passed their driver’s licence drove a Citi Golf. It was the signature car for the youth.

And if you’re slightly older, you’ll also have no trouble remembering the FNB BoB T Savings Card. Or MNet Open Time and Chappies bubble gum…

Today, Brand Managers have a much tougher time attracting and keeping the youth interested in their brands. There just aren’t masses of young people falling over each other trying to be like ‘everyone else’ anymore, despite our youth-heavy population.
Today’s youth are much more sophisticated which is often misinterpreted for fickleness.

Call it what you want, but if you have any intention of winning over the youth of today, there’s no place better to learn about the youth’s deepest need drivers than from the folks at Youth Dynamix (YDx), a research and marketing specialist consultancy in Africa. Over to directors Jane Lyne-Kritzinger and Andrea Kraushaar…

Here’s how to get your brand to resonate deeply with the youth for meaningful growth:

1. Speak directly to the youth: Use language the youth are responsive to. This doesn’t mean you have to speak slang if you’re a serious brand, it means you need to address their needs in the way you communicate to them. For example, if you’re trying to capture the tween market, don’t just speak to their parents, use stories to get your message across to them.

2. Respect their individuality: The youth don’t all dress alike anymore, or use the same deodorant. Mass production is not the way to go anymore. Think about why Rocomamas and Andiccio Pizza is so popular. They allow you to do it your way and create your own meal.

3. Reach out to communities: It really is as simple as going back to grass roots and becoming part of the community you serve in. Adding value to individuals and families is very important to the youth. Quality of life holds a brand new space in the lives of young people, so if you can help them advance, your brand will form part of their life experience.

4. Fit into their lifestyles: Rigid offers like those by cell-phone networks that don’t understand you for who you are just damage your brand. They give you no reason to choose you over your competitor. It’s not about being a well-known brand anymore. The youth couldn’t care whether they wear Guess or Sissy Boy as long as what they wear says something about who they are.

5. Be real and be consistent: Don’t think about your brand in different silos, instead create a journey from the very first touchpoint someone would have with your brand to when they decide to move on. Create a harmonious experience that says we care in everything we do, and we do it for you and you will discover a whole new world of loyal youth.

The youth have a voice, they make choices for themselves and they’re a big group of niche communities waiting to be tapped into. For more information on how to capitalise on the youth market, contact Youth Dynamic at info@ydx.co.za.