6 Insider tips on how to successfully tap into the Nigerian youth market…

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19 Oct 6 Insider tips on how to successfully tap into the Nigerian youth market…

Are you planning to expand your brand into Africa? No doubt one of the first countries you’ve looked into is Nigeria. It has a massive population – close to 187 million people and almost 50% of them are under the age of 35.

Marketing and research consultancy, Youth Dynamix (YDx) Nigeria, has some marketing insider advice for you – to help you get your brand off the ground and in the black as soon as possible.

‘The fundamentals of marketing are still the same but there’s a growing globalization trend and if you can get ahead of the pack in terms of making these trends work for your brand, the sooner you will start seeing real returns’.

Use these 6 tips to create winning youth campaigns in Nigeria: 

The supersized digital world

Nigerians are one of the most tech-savvy nations in Africa, this is possibly because of the size of its youth market. The youth are always on the go and their cellphones are their worlds in the hands. They quickly adopt new on-demand services, apps and online offers. To gain access to the youth’s world, you need to play in their space. They are constantly on their phones and more specifically on social media socializing. Become a part of their conversations by interacting with the youth on social media.

Personalised content is key

Nigerians are great at taking responsibility for their futures and creating their own fortunes. They even have a term for it, it’s called ‘selfism’. Any value you can add in the form of content that’s relevant to them and their ambitions is a sure winner. Personalisation is also very important as the youth strive for their independence and individuality. Allow the youth consumer to create content for you on social media – it’s what they love doing and it helps your brand become a part of their worlds.

Transparency reveals the real gems in the market

Which company they part their hard-earned money with is an important decision for the youth in Nigeria. They want to know that they’re buying a product from an authentic brand, who cares about them as consumers and acknowledges their culture and unique needs through good customer service and innovative offers. Customer-focused marketing isn’t just another new word marketers have invented, but a real requirement for any brand to get off the ground.

Insights drawn directly from the minds and lives of the youth 

Marketing research has never been as important as it is today. Getting to the real needs drivers and psychographics behind their characteristics, attitudes and behaviour is crucial to understanding the youth. And it’s only when you intimately understand the youth and what it really means to your brand that you will be able to truly connect with them as the important customers they are. It’s not just important to understand the youth but to drill down into your target market. The youth are made up of multiple layers of market segments.

When creativity moves the market

Creative visuals speak directly to the youth – their minds are programmed differently and they soak up information in visual form much faster and willingly than in any other format. Captivate the youth with the use of creative videos and images.

It’s a 2-way street

Youth consumers are not passive receptors, they value and enjoy participating in the brands that make a difference in their lives. Find ways to involve your target market and you will win them over for life. Experiential marketing, for example, is a great way to involve your target market.

As marketers, your job can become really easy if you take advantage of all the possible marketing opportunities that your staff and your target market create for you. They can become natural ambassadors for your brand if you allow them to help you.

And now for the reverse side of the coin: This generation is very different to the previous generations, don’t address the youth as one segment of the market and don’t use outdated marketing tactics.

To tap into the youth market and really understand these incredibly complex consumers, contact info@ydx.co.za. Let YDx Nigeria help you activate your brand in this bustling African country.