How Millennials are changing the youth marketing game


22 May How Millennials are changing the youth marketing game

Millennials are driving a new revolution in commerce which is changing the youth marketing game for organisations all around the world.

They grew up in a world shaped by technology, and largely experienced through a smartphone screen. This has affected the way they think, behave and process information.

Youth marketing will have to adapt fast to the demands of this new generation to remain profitable

Research Director Andrea Kraushaar and Jane Lyne-Kritzinger, MD of Youth Dynamix (YDx), a youth marketing and research consultancy, operating throughout Africa, explain…


There is only one speed – fast!

“When they want to know something, they search for it on their phones, and instantaneously, they have the information they need. If they’re hungry, they order their food via an app in seconds, if they’re bored, they play a game on their phones, if they need to go somewhere, they call an Uber taxi in seconds. There’s no standing in queues or waiting for ages for a call centre operator to answer. They just tap their screens and in seconds, it’s all done.

What this means for youth marketers: Service delivery has to be quick. We have to move away from waiting weeks for an order we placed online. Amazon has already started implementing same-day-delivery in some countries. Reply and ordering mechanisms must be automated and intuitively designed. There is no way the youth will sit on the phone waiting for a call centre agent to pick up the phone. Human interaction is still important but it needs to be prompt, reliable, effective and relevant. If someone clicks on a button to ask a salesperson or customer service agent to call them back, the response needs to be as quick as a technological interaction.” Says Jane.


Instant gratification is key

“We see example after example of this in the youth space, explains Andrea. Having grown up with social media, where instant Likes and comments are the order of the day, and being able to download videos, movies, games, music and other content on demand, they expect immediate responses. Even saving money or working towards a longer-term work promotion are far too tedious for this generation. They’re just not wired to think about long-term goals or consequences.

What this means for youth marketers: 24-hour service will become a reality in the near future but much of this will be automated, replacing the need for human interaction to a large extent. Many of the jobs that will exist in ten years’ time aren’t even around today – that’s how fast business is evolving in response to the changing needs of this new generation. The world is also moving fast towards a cashless society and borrowing credit instantly to make purchases will become the norm” Says Andrea.


Short attention spans

“Living in this fast-paced world has transformed the way Millennials are wired. Their nimble thinking comes with short attention spans that consume information shallowly, for example, they would rather play games than a read a book. They’re in search of constant stimulation and are easily distracted, while being incapable of quiet reflection or critical thinking.

What this means for youth marketers: Communication with this generation has to be short and punchy. Images and videos are favoured over written communication and delivery has to be simple, uncomplicated and instant.” Says Jane.


They lead hyperconnected lives

They constantly check their phones for new messages and comments. They keep their phones on them at all times and even when they go to sleep, it lies next to them and it’s the first thing they check when they get up.

What this means for youth marketers: Constant up-time is important. If your site goes down, they go elsewhere. Instant responses and a continuous feed of short, useful information is imperative to arrest their small attention spans and brisk lives.” Adds Andrea.


Businesses have to move quick to gain a competitive edge in this fast-paced world that’s been driven by the Millennial generation. Embrace these advancements and your brand will survive the race.

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