Sanlam Takalani Sesame Roadshow

Sanlam wanted to create an opportunity for adults and children alike to experience the Sanlam brand with the objective of retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.

Takalani2  Takalani

YDx partnered with Sanlam to create a memorable and experiential brand engagement campaign.

In the form of a roadshow, policy holders were given the opportunity to update their policy details while non-policy holders engaged with the Sanlam advisors and enquired about the various policies on offer.

The brand resonated with many new customers when Sanlam’s various CSI and sponsorship initiatives were highlighted.

Town storming, communication in multiple vernaculars and entertainment by the Tekalani Sesame show characters brought the people of South Africa closer to the Sanlam brand.

Up to 9,000 people joined per event while over 150,000 people were reached in total and almost 5,000 new leads were generated through the roadshow!


February 17, 2016