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South Africa is increasingly becoming a parentless society!

Poverty, urbanisation, an increase in divorce rates and premature death, primarily due to HIV/AIDS, has resulted in a significant void in parental support in many South African households. According to 2010 research by Union for African Population Studies, 38.7% of South...

Are you missing a part of the puzzle in the youth market?

On the dawn of Youth Dynamix’s 15th year anniversary next month, we reflect on how the youth market has transformed in this short space of time and how marketers have had to adapt to survive. There’s no doubt, the marketing of...

Youth Dynamix powers iloveLife with a UFO

Youth Dynamix, a strategic South African youth marketing agency, in conjunction with its client, loveLife, developed the promotional material used to produce a PocketMedia® Solutions’ Unidentified Folding Object (UFO) which was used as one of the promotional centrepieces at the...